The Rationale


Nuffdotty's business model is based on the simple truth that many people pursue education in order to improve standard of living.

Let's face it, education takes effort and discipline, something that mere mortals naturally avoid unless there are tangible benefits. In line with the simple truth above, aspiring graduates are unlikely to choose HE qualifications that cannot guarantee them career opportunities through which they (graduates) will in turn better their lives. 

Based on the simple truth above, a fair assumption would be that current HE graduate unemployment can be explained in the main by misalignment between skills supply and industry demand. On one hand, this is due to lack of comprehensive information on career opportunities, leading to the potential that learners may not make an informed choice regarding HE qualifications. On another hand, there is a level of false belief that any HE qualification will lead to a decent job, and the reality proves otherwise in a country with a dearth of required technical skills. What's ironic is that Nuffdotty discovered that there is abundance of information on the subject of careers and jobs, but this needs effort and patience to find and decipher. 

Nuffdotty's dipstick focused group research  using more than 100 grade 12 learners from 3 schools - St Peter's College, Missouri High and Minerva High - found that most learners choose HE qualifications based mainly on influence by role models, family's academic history, subjects most enjoyed at school, preferred institutions, personality fit and "flavour of the moment". Influence of critical and scarce skills nationally and globally was way down the decision tree.  

The current process in choosing HE qualifications involves a "hit and miss" approach to some extent. This is what Nuffdotty addresses in its service offering. 


Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. 

Malcom X


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