A search for Angel Investors


We are looking for angel investors to assist us in bringing a comprehensive technological solution for Nuffdotty to life, as indicated in the Idea page.

It is our desire to ensure that the information platform is going to force learners who will be using it for purposes of making decisions about HE studies, to think holistically given the end goal of a better life.

The type of investment required does not have to be in cash terms. It can also be in terms of resources needed to bring this dream to life, e.g. technical development resources.

We are happy to share a more detailed business plan with the interested angel investors. 

Combined educational backgrounds, working experience and drive of the partners of Nuffdotty, and the company's core competencies put us in a unique position to grow this organisation into a powerful force in the career development space. There are many legs to this initiative that have already been identified and will be phased in as the business achieves set milestones.

In addition, we are constantly refining the business model and growing it as new opportunities are being identified. 


We would love to talk to you, please contact us and let us share with you how we believe we will be able to make money from this idea, while providing a social service that will contribute to general upliftment of those who want to study for HE qualifications.


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