The Idea


Key findings and the simple truth about education and employment dictate that there needs to be more alignment between choice of HE qualification and employment opportunities in South Africa, and the latter must incorporate scarce and critical skills that the country so desperately needs.

Nuffdotty's goal is to assist aspiring HE graduates to connect these dots, with the desired end in mind being attainment of better quality of life

An integrated decision process that is based on 5 cornerstones, as depicted in the diagram on the left, has been developed. This process encourages learners to take a holistic view at planning for their HE studies. 

This process focuses on coordinated information that is easily accessible and understood.  

Each of the cornerstones in the diagram above serves as an entry point that has its own navigation path. However, all the paths are designed to cross each other in a seamless manner, due to the intertwined nature of the cornerstones. Thus, this allows targeted users to choose where to start their search based on individual need, move between the cornerstones with ease and find relevant information as they are prompted to think about the interlinks. 

The process above predominantly uses a digital platform due to sheer volume of information that is being integrated. However, other alternative (and more traditional) avenues will be incorporated to ensure wider penetration, given the following realities: 

  • Only 11% of the South African population has access to the wired Internet. 
  • Cellphone penetration is 100%. However, mobile Internet has only 13% penetration.   

The following key steps have been completed for the Nuffdotty business model as at the 10th of August 2010:

  • The idea has been clearly defined
  • A feasibility study was conducted
  • A business case has been developed
  • Technical development specifications have been finalised
The project is now in the development phase, and this is where the need for angel investors has arisen.


We are looking for angel investors to assist in developing the digital platform. Are you one of them? Or do you know somebody who knows "somebody"? Please contact us for more detailed discussion about the model. And, please spread the message.


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