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The purpose of this site is to shed light on an integrated information solution that Nuffdotty has developed the model for, to interested parties and mainly investors who are being sought to assist in the development of the required technology. 

Nuffdotty was conceived and developed to serve the basic but most important need of directly connecting the dots between choice of a higher education (HE) qualification and career opportunities that lie ahead. 

South Africa has among the most unequal societies in the world, as shown by the wide gap in income distribution. The government identified education as one of the key initiatives that can lead to reduction of this gap. As a result a lot of focus has gone into improving quality of education for the bulk of the country's 49 million citizens through various initiatives, and with mixed results thus far.

One of the challenges relating to education is that the process of choosing HE qualifications is not well-integrated at this stage. Most notably and in a number of cases, this process is not driven by the country's demand for critical and scarce skills that should inform choice of various qualifications to be pursued. This is what lead to the establishment of Nuffdotty.

In line with the company's purpose as stated above, its key success criteria are integrated packaging and easy access of desired information that positively influences choice of qualifications by learners looking to study beyond secondary education. 

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